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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vintage Fabrics Galore!

I've been collecting vintage fabrics for a number of years - I'm not quite sure why but they seem to evoke a connection to the past that I treasure. I was asked to be a guest artisan at the Norfolk Artisan Guild in Norfolk, CT this coming September and October. Although it seems a long way off I know the fall will be here before I know it so I got started on some inventory. I decided to use my vintage fabrics to create table runners and pillows. I also have antique buttons so I added a few here and there. Some fabrics are actual "feed sacks" that I found at the Monroe Historical Society sale. It was hard to cut them but I took a deep breath and went for it!

Vintage Pillows

This is a sweet little bunny hankie

The table runners were fun to create. I didn't exactly have a design in mind and let the amount of fabric available influence the outcome. I supplemented some reproduction fabrics to use as fill or on the backs. I apologize for the photos; its so difficult to take a decent photo of table runners because they are so long and skinny!

South of the Border Fabrics!

I just sent a package of ice cube dyed fabric to Mexico - my first international sale! Pam if you're out there please send photos of your work. I would love to post pictures of how you used the fabrics!