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Monday, December 29, 2014

100 for 100 - Designing Mode!

Now that Christmas is behind me it's time to clean up the studio and get busy designing my donation piece for 100 for 100. If you recall Virginia Spiegel's 2015 fundraising goal is $10,000 to benefit the American Cancer Society. On February 4th the first 100 people to donate $100 receive a fabulous piece of fiber art created by 100 talented artists... save the date! 

I've been sketching thoughts and ideasl. My approach will be to use a variety of screens to build up the design and add detail with thread... now - I'm off to gather supplies and put dye to fabric! 

For more detailed information on the fundraiser click here

Monday, December 15, 2014

Channeling Old Wood!

I was asked to create a piece of fabric that had the feel of old wood! I love the colors and textures of wood so I was excited to get started!
This is a detailed shot of the finished piece.
I hope the subtle textures and colors come through!  

I was given this photo as inspiration for the fabric by a fellow fiber artist who is creating a design with an old wood flair. If the fabric meets her needs I'll post a picture of her completed piece at a later date.  

I started by dyeing 100% cotton in a tea bath.

Next I brushed fabric paint through a screen with an old toothbrush.

To create the suggestion of wooden slats I folded the fabric and dyed with more tea.

Here is the finished piece. It reads lighter in the photo and
is actually closer to the color of brown tea. 
Creating fabric for other artists is rewarding and challenging! Artists typically have a vision in their head about what they want. Interpreting their ideas onto fabric and having the end result match their vision is the challenging part. When I get it right I'm ecstatic and if not it's more discussion and back to the studio! 

Fundraiser to Fight Cancer - What You Can Do To Help!

100 artists are busy designing, planning and creating artwork for you to receive as a special thank-you for donating $100 to the annual Fiberart For A Cause fundraiser! 

1 Day - 100 Artists - 100 Patrons - $10,000
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Opens 10 a.m. Central

How The Fundraiser Works
On February 4, the first 100 people to contact Virginia Spiegel beginning at 10 a.m. Central will be given a link to donate $100 by credit card directly to the American Cancer Society through Fiberart For A Cause. Please note I am not responsible for the vagaries of the e-mail system.

Each donor will receive artwork from one of the 100 generous and talented artists listed below. Assignments of artwork will be made using a random number generator. Artwork will not be shared here in advance, but may appear on artists' websites or other social media before the event. See also our Pinterest board.

Participating Artists! 

Judy Gula and Eleanor of MeinkeToy:
Our Safety Nets
in case of unforseen circumstances.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Look What Laurie Russman Did!

You may have come across Laurie Russman at this years International Quilt Festival or another large venue teaching her pet portrait and thread painting techniques. Laurie is an accomplished fiber artist and I was delighted when she shared a journal cover she made from a piece of Indigo dyed fabric I made! 

I love the way Laurie manipulated the fabric for the cover and her
stitching made it all pop! 

I don't know how Laurie made the inside look so neat and clean but it's awesome! 

Here is Laurie teaching at Open Studios in Houston! You can follow more of Laurie's work by clicking here

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fabric Giveaway Time!

It's time for another Printed Fabric Bee giveaway! Susan Purney Mark challenged the hive to create sunflower inspired fabrics!
What a fun collection... all you need to do for a chance to win your own 6" X 6" fabric pack is to post a comment on Susan's blog or The Printed Fabric Bee blog - it's that easy! 

Although sunflowers make everyone smile and it seemed like an easy theme to come up with a design I had some false starts. Each one seemed so simplistic I scraped them until I settled on using Inktense pencils for a more detailed look.

False start #1 and false start #2
The proportions of the flowers on the right were too large to keep going!

I decided to use the piece on the left since the scale was smaller. I applied small brown dots using fabric paint for the sunflower centers. Next I pulled out my Inktense pencils to create the flower pedals.

Inktense pencils are a pretty cool tool. You apply them like any colored pencil but then brush water over the color and they behave like a dye and really pop with color.
I just noticed the Inktense pencils are on sale at Dharma Trading Co - click here for details.

Here is the 6" X 6" piece for the collections give away.

This is Susan's piece. I think some of the flowers wanted to be zinnias rather than sunflowers but the fabric fits nicely into the overall collection and I hope Susan will be pleased!
Click here to hop over to Susan's blog and leave a comment for a chance to win the custom fabric pack ~ the winner will be randomly selected on December 15th!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Take 5 - Honoring Romare Bearden

The Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective opens, ART, HISTORY AND SOCIAL ACTIVISM:  CtFAC HONORS ROMARE BEARDEN at the Hartford Public Library December 17th through March 13th. The third floor exhibition pays homage to Bearden's focus on African-American jazz and civil rights issues. The collective produced some striking work in textiles, fiber and mixed-media celebrating and recognizing one of the greatest visual artists of the 20th century. 

I created a piece titled, Take 5 that was inspired by Bearden's love of jazz and collage work.

The background fabric was created using the screen collage technique. It's very freeing and fun to splash the color across the surface. The applique symbolizes the music that was dancing around in my head. It is sometimes big and bold and other times fractures and drifts away. I hope you have a chance to stop by to view all the fabulous work done by the collective! 

A special reception will be held on January 17, 1:00 - 3:00 on the third floor of the library. 

500 Main Street
Hartford, CT