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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Creating A Pattern From A Photo

Our CFAC group (CT. Fiber Arts Collective) is planning a show with a "Harvest" theme in the fall! In trying to come up with a design my son mentioned a photo he'd seen in a National Geographic magazine. The photo showed Southeastern Turkish women harvesting wheat using very rudimentary methods. We were both struck by the photo and I knew it would be the inspiration for a harvest design! I loved the idea that the women were doing this incredibly taxing physical work yet they had embroidery and ribbon on their clothing... a little femininity mixed into the labor!

First I created a draft of the photo; next I took the sketch to Staples and had them enlarge the drawing. When I returned to the studio I created patterns for each figure and painted a background fabric that would give the impression of growing wheat in a very barren and dry countryside. I dyed the blue to emulate the bright blue sky without a single cloud.

I used a fusible webbing for the smaller pieces such as the hands and tools. For the larger pieces I used a glue stick to tack the pieces to the background so they wouldn't flop around while I quilted.

I added some tulle in certain areas of the center panel to create a sense of shadow. The borders were designed to off-set the heaviness of the bundle of wheat. The end results are below!


It was a fun project and my fellow artists in the group will create other interesting and unique pieces... stay tuned for more show details.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

SAQA Benefit Auction!

Grasvik - Garden Gal Digs It   Klebaum - Convergence     McCabe - Self Portrait in Orange   
Sonia Grasvik - "Garden Gal Digs It" *** Pamela Klebaum - "Convergence" *** Kathleen McCabe - "Self Portrait in Orange"  

SAQA Benefit Auction!

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The funds SAQA raises through our annual Benefit Auction are critical to funding all of our exhibitions, publications, and outreach efforts.  Help us to help you by telling everyone about the great artwork up for Auction in September.

Monday, July 11, 2011

How to leaf stamp!

We are all so busy during the week between work and family that I always try to carve out time on a weekend morning to go for a walk with my long time friend Sharon! We covet our quiet time together to let our guards down from the demands of business to catch up on our families and just be free to enjoy a nice walk in the woods! Last weekend I collected some interesting leaves on our walk to bring back to the studio for some leaf printing. I enjoyed the results and call the series "Weekend Walk". Give it a try yourself or if you like the results I have fabric for sale - just let me know if you're interested and we can talk about the rest!

Please note for the best results choose leaves with raised veins or texture!
Begin by painting the underside with a fabric paint or silk screen ink.

Flip the leaf paint side down onto your fabric. Press gently with your fingers or use a Brayer to roll across the back of the leaf. Gently lift up the leaf - this is fun right!

Keep going until you feel you have enough leaves for your design. 

Next I wanted to paint the overall piece with a wash of fabric paint. I use Pueblo fabric paints because they behave like water color.

Once I painted the fabric I tossed on some Kosher salt (large crystals) and left it to dry. Below is the final result.... "Weekend Walk Series" has been born! I can't wait to see what I collect on my next weekend walk!

Have fun and let me know if you give it a try!