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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective reception was a success!

The Noah Webster Library in West Hartford is currently hosting our "Fiber Harvest" group show through October 15th. On Thursday the 8th we held a reception and had a wonderful turnout of visitors! So many folks were interested in the techniques used for creating the art work and where the design inspirations came from. As artists we're always happy to share our stories and processes with others so we were delighted with the 50 or so folks who attended.

 Rosalind Spann explains her piece which was inspired by the memory of her
Grandfather's fantastic gardens.

 Meet the artists in attendance: Antonio Torres, Carol Eaton, Carol Vinick,
Rosalind Spann and Mary Lachman


Carol Vinick explains the quilting detail in her piece.  She hand dyed many of her fabrics using natural products such as grapes and dandelion flowers.  

 Visitors are taking a close look at the details in my piece, "Harvesting Wheat".

 We were delighted with so many visitors and thank everyone for coming and posting comments in our booklet.

On behalf of the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective we invite you to visit the show at 20 South Main Street in West Hartford. The art work will be in place through October 15th.

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  1. Receptions are the reward for all the hard work. I'm glad it was a success. Thanks for commenting on my blog.