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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Permission to Reinvent Myself!

It's been months 4 months since I resigned from my job! I spent 15 years working in a very stressful environment and over the past two years my relationship with upper management became more challenging. Despite retirement being a few years off the decision to resign now was the best one for me. 

The new me is all smiles! I approach each day with purposefulness in the choices and decisions I make about how to spend my time! With that being said, I've had an evolution of self since I resigned. 

I realize now that I compartmentalized my creative self with my outside work image. My boundaries were so firm and formal that my whole self was constantly split and at odds with each other. Moving forward I can embrace my soul and nurture my passions... it feels good just saying that out loud! 

I'm shedding what is no longer necessary whether figuratively or literally. The changes may never be noticed outside my family but each evolution brings me joy and freedom. I can fully explore my creative and artistic self. There is no longer a need to "hide" any parts of my personality for fear of not conforming to my former employer. 

I've given myself permission to explore other forms of art while enhancing the skills I've already acquired. To date I've dabbled in watercolor, sketching and weaving. I'm learning about what makes my heart sing and I feel "whole" for the first time in years! 

My wish is for all creative souls to have the ability to nurture what makes their hearts sing and to find joy in each day!