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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Curator In Training Program: SAQA

SAQA has a Curator In Training program that was recently opened up to the general membership. They asked for proposals with a well stated and clear theme that would appeal to their broad membership base. I saw the proposal as a wonderful opportunity to learn how a large scale exhibition is put together from developing a theme, to securing a juror, designing the exhibition space and all the details in-between!

I'm delighted to announce my submission was accepted and I'll be curating, "Color Wheel of Emotions" in 2013 - 2014! I was inspired by a sense of wonder and constant excitement when exploring color and our reactions to it. The calls for entry will be available on the SAQA website in early January. My proposal is stated below but as a training program my mentor, Kathleen McCabe, may suggest some tweaking here and tweaking there.

Color Wheel of Emotions - How do colors reflect our emotions? Have you ever seen red, felt blue or been green with envy? Spin the color wheel and your mood may encompass the full spectrum of the rainbow. The range of color used in this exhibit will convey a sense of emotion or feeling expressed by the artists. Viewers will interpret the theme based on their understanding and response to the color palette and overall design 

I look forward to the challenges ahead and the knowledge I will gain. Please look for the prospectus and call for entry as we ring in the New Year.

Start those creative juices flowing!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Won... I Won!

I won a subscription to Fiber Arts magazine! I am really excited and look forward to the January edition coming! I encourage you all to find inspiration between their pages...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Artists Studio: Getting Organized

I was delighted to have had an opportunity to bring my collection of fabrics to a recent  meeting for the Connecticut chapter of the SAQA organisation. If you aren't familiar with the organization I encourage you to click on the links. You will meet other like minded artists and have a ball learning new techniques and making new friends! It was a thrill to receive such a positive response for my fabrics from the other artists. It helped with my confidence to have  my approach to surface design  validated, (yes - I'm still feeling vulnerable even into middle age!).

Whenever I have a big push to get a project out the studio door I return to a chaotic and crazed workplace. My personality requires calm so I took the opportunity to look at my space with fresh eyes. I framed my observations around how to get the most use of space and where to keep the materials I most frequently use. I emptied cupboards and bookcases moving things around until finally I felt like the environment was right again... my yin and yang were happy!

I can't wait to go down to the studio in the morning and start a new ice dyed project. I've had a color combination rolling around in my head for a few days and I need to get going! The studio won't look this tidy again until I go for another round of "purging" so I thought I'd document the cleanliness as most folks will never see it!

The studio looks out into wetlands. We have deer, turkeys and many other visitors each season. My gardens are just outside the windows providing endless inspiration!

This view looks towards my design wall which never seems to be empty. If I'm stuck on a design I'll leave it up and fuss with it over time until it feels done. I'm sure most of you work that way... tweaking here and moving an element there!