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Monday, April 10, 2017

Textured Surface + Layering Fabric + Fabric Paint!

I thought I'd try layering fabric over bamboo fencing before painting! It was a quick and easy way to get texture going while experimenting with a new light weight cotton I recently purchased. 
I used Seta Color transparent fabric paint.

The heavier cotton is below and the lightweight cotton on top!

The paint dried very light. I think the bamboo fencing may have
absorbed more than I anticipated! 
Here is a detail of the bottom layer

This is the top layer. It's 36" X 58" and with the lightness
it makes a delicate panel!

I'll go bolder next time now that I understand the mat better
... on to learning new things! 


  1. Carol, Love this especially the bottom layer. Can't wait to see what your next try will turn up! Thanks for the inspiration today.

  2. Very pretty! Did you sprinkle it with salt?

    1. Hi Norma! Yes - salt was sprinkled across the surface :)

  3. The last picture looks like it could be a landscape. Looks like a fun process to try.