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Carol R. Eaton Designs

Sunday, April 3, 2016

2016 SAQA Conference was Another Success!

If you haven't had an opportunity to get involved with the SAQA organization I encourage you to think about joining. I love attending the annual conferences to hear from industry leaders and understand where the fiber art community is going. The speakers provide a deeper knowledge of how exhibitions work and tips for being successful when submitting entry's. There were so many excellent speakers addressing multiple topics I couldn't possibly list them all. The conference allowed me to reconnect with friends and make new buddies! For the past 3 years I've also been a vendor allowing me to connect with soooo many fabulous artists. Being able to chat about fiber techniques, color and artistic vision with other like minded people is a treat! 

Will I see you at the 2017 conference? Lincoln, Nebraska is going to be the next hot spot! 
You gotta have your textile fix! 

I get very excited about fabric! 

It's fun to see so many fabrics all lined up and ready for a party! 

Here I am with fellow Printed Fabric Bee alumni Deborah Massie Boschert!  

I had my first professional photo shoot with Bonnie McCaffery. Bonnie is fabulous - she helped me relax and feel comfortable since having my photo taken is not a favorite thing! 

There was some down time for exploring Philadelphia. We wandered into the Fabric District after a friend had earlier discovered a stash of authentic Mud Cloth! I find myself unable to pass up collecting traditionally crafted cloth. These 4 pieces came home with me! 

I also happened upon a fabulous supply store having a 40% off sale on Speedball products = score! These babies are 32 ounces and with the primary colors taken care of I should have plenty of color experimenting in my future! 

We couldn't resist an outdoor cafe showered in sunshine on Spruce Street.


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  1. Wasn't it fun?! I'm still trying to recover from all that stimulation. How did I miss that fabric store? We were in the area.
    Are we going to see your new glamorous head shot? You take a great picture so I'm sure it will be fabulous.