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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fabric Paint + Clothespins = Cool Texture!

As you can see I am totally enjoying my summer outdoor work space! I'm also enjoying the pace of summer and with that comes less frequent blog posts... but my artist creations continue and when I am forced back indoors I will have plenty of material for tutorials and techniques to share! 
This is the finished fabric paint + clothesline piece. Since my work space is embedded in a garden the colors used were in my line of vision! 
Prior to applying the fabric paint I twisted and clipped the fabric with a clothespin. Next I misted the fabric with water and then simply slopped paint across the surface! When it dried and the pins were removed I thought it was a little drab. I heat pressed the fabric and thought about how to make it more interesting.
I decided to take the fabric back outside. I applied more fabric paint... just a little here and there to make it pop. I find the texture created by the clothespins and the spontaneous colors a fun element. 
Have you experimented with creating a textures look with fabric? How often do you go back to a piece and add another technique?