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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Freezer Paper + Thickened Dye = Leaf Fabric!

I had fun using freezer paper to create a leaf design. Have you tried this technique? Freezer paper can be purchased at any grocery store. It's easy to find and very inexpensive to add to your studio stash!
Here is the finished piece. It had an interesting journey - please read on! 
I started with plain white fabric. Tracing a leaf from the yard I created a plastic template. I placed the leaf under a silk screen and pulled 2 colors across the screen. 
Next I ice dyed the fabric blue to complement the design. Using the same plastic leaf I created a stencil using the freezer paper. I ironed the paper onto the fabric to anchor it in place. This is the beauty of using freezer paper - it's so easy to manipulate!
I'm ready to go - deep breath... will it work... will it flop?! 
Using thickened dyed I covered the exposed fabric.
Once you start pulling the freezer paper off you can see if the results are what you expected - yeah!  
Here is a detail of the finished leaf. I like the flecks of red embedded in the purple color! 
What have you tried with a freezer paper resist or stencil?


  1. Ah...freezer favorite "go to" material for masks and stencils. So versatile...I keep finding new ways to use it! Love your fabric!

  2. Great job Carol! Love the over dyeing and freezer stencil resists! I really need to find my freezer paper! I have a roll and sheets and I can't seem to find either. I might have to go buy more.

    1. I see creative freezer paper designs in your near future!

  3. Carol, This is awesome! I love freezer paper and use it a lot with making stencils to use on fabric. Keeps the paint from oozing under the stencil. I've used it on a screen awhile back. I really need to try that again. Love what you did and thanks for the tut.

  4. I absolutely love this design Carol! And your step-by-step photos are awesome.