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Friday, January 3, 2014

Blue Spirals = Party Fabric!

Thanks for stopping back and taking a peek at how I created the Blue Spiral/Party Fabric for the second custom fabric collection of The Printed Fabric Bee artists! Julie B. Booth asked for "blue spirals" with little direction leaving it wide open to interpretation for each artist. Her request for spirals was challenging for me but that's why I love this group!

I started with cotton fabric and confetti dyed using orange and yellow. Julie asked for blue spirals so I wanted to get contrasting colors in the background.

Next I printed large blue spirals using a custom created thermofax screen by Terri Stegmiller.

I wanted to add more contrast so using the ice dyeing technique I added green to the background. The large spirals were a little overwhelming so I carved a stamp with a smaller spiral to add more movement and interest.

As I mentioned I love a challenge and it was fun to push myself to work with an element that I don't usually connect with. Below are the tools used to create this design that just wants to party... coffee was a must!

Go to The Printed Fabric Bee or over to Julie's blog no later than January 11th as the winner will be drawn on the 12th. Remember each collection reveal means YOU have a chance to win a fabric pack of the "Queen Bee's" fabrics!

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