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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hands-On Demonstrations by Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective Members!

This past Sunday the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective presented hands-on demonstrations at the Norfolk Artisans Guild, Station Place, Norfolk. The weather was perfect and the visitors friendly.

Please stop by the guild and pick up an early holiday gift. Be sure to say "hi" to the guild mascot!

Our members will have artwork for sale through September!

Diane Cadrain showed us how she creates felted jewelry

Diane says making felted balls is soothing and relaxing!

Diane strings the finished felted balls into beautiful necklaces

Carol Vinick demonstrated how to use recycled silk ties
to create new designs on silk scarves

Carol laid recycled silk scarves on top of a plain silk scarf.
Next she folded the scarf in half and rolled all layers up with plain cotton.

Carol took the rolled up fabric and boiled with 2 TB. white vinegar
and water for 45 minutes

Once the fabric was cooled Carol unrolled to discover the design from the ties
has transferred to the plain silk scarf... magic!

Rosalind Spann shared her techniques for wrapping fibers around
cording to create unique and beautiful jewelry

Rosalind talks about the best qualities when it comes to
choosing the many fiber options available.

Rosalind discussed how she combines varies colors and fibers
to achieve specific results

Rosalind shows off her beautiful jewelry!

The day was a lot of fun and we hope to see you at the guild soon!

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  1. What fun projects! I would love to try both! Thanks for sharing, and it sounds like it was a fun day...