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Thursday, May 2, 2013

In Need of More Hours in the Day!

I've been busy every morning in my studio but I don't seem to have much to show for it worthy of posting!

I've been ice dyeing large pieces of fabric because my dear sweet mother said she'd make me a bed quilt if I created the fabric... sweet! I'm plugging along on that and believe I have the right color combinations that my hubby and I can agree on!

I had this idea in my head about creating a piece of fabric that was a chain link fence with flowers growing up the fence like a vine. I was all excited and silk screened flowers and sponge painted the fence and with the final wash of blue sky I just knew it would come out... wrong! It didn't come out as expected so I confetti dyed over the whole thing which completely took the piece in another direction... sigh... I dicharged some flowers to tone down the over dye and it's in the washer now. Tomorrow is another day and a new idea will come to me to figure how the design will be finished.

I also have some other fabric in the washer ready to be over dyed in ice tonight. I promise to upload pictures whether the work is good, bad or ugly :)

I hope you are all happily creating!

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