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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thermofax Screens + Fabric Dyeing = Cool Results!

I recently purchased a couple of thermofax screens from Margaret Applin's Etsy shop and I love... love... love them! This is my first experience using a thermofax screen and thanks to a tutorial posted on Lynn Krawczyk's Etsy shop (her screens will arrive this week!) I felt confident on how to use my new tools.

Once I had a feel for the results I was able to think through how to incorporate them into my surface designs. The door is wide open now and I can't wait to keep experimenting! I encourage you to check out the Etsy shops or create your own screens... then the options will be truly limitless!

Solid Feather - Confetti Dyed

Feather Outline - Confetti Dyed

Dandelion - Drippings Dyed

Dandelion - Confetti Dyed

Solid & Feather Outline with Stamping - Discharge Fabric

Dandelion - Confetti Dyed

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  1. Carol, your fabrics are fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing!! I can see I can learn a lot from your techniques :)