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Friday, November 9, 2012

Snow Dying: 11" of Unexpected Snow!

What crazy weather we're having here in Connecticut! We just cleaned up after a hurricane and this week we have 11" of fresh snow... at least we have power! But what to do stuck inside with no snow plow ready yet... SNOW DYING - of course! I hadn't thought about snow dying for months but what a great opportunity to have some fun. I was out of my regular fabric for dying so I searched for a substitute. I came across a couple of over-sized tee shirt style dresses that I hadn't gotten around to dying over the summer - perfect!

Snow Dyed Sleeveless Dress

I started with a tub to catch the melting snow and inserted an
upside down pan to keep the fabric from sitting in the dye mixture once
 the snow melted.

I soaked the fabric in soda ash and water for 30 minutes.
 The fabric was wrung out and placed on the upside down pan.

I went outside and scooped up fresh snow to cover the fabric.

I placed about 3" of snow on the fabric to completely cover.

Next I mixed up some dye!

I admit this doesn't look like much more than a blob of yuck but have faith!

I decided to shake a little dye powder over the top just to see what would happen.

Now I wait... the snow was melted by evening but I waited a full 24 hours before rinsing and washing the fabric. I know from experience that if you try to rush the process the end result is muted with very light colors.

Snow Dyed Tee Shirt Dress
 A few things to remember; I don't think I needed to soak the fabric in soda ash and water if I added soda ash to the dye mixture. I'm so used to ice dying or confetti dying that I automatically soaked the fabric. Also, shaking the dye powder over the snow at the end didn't seem to have much of an impact.


  1. I will be getting into snow dyeing a little this winter, so I appreciate your comments. For all my dyeing I presoak my items in soda ash solution because I don't like to put the soda ash directly in my dyes... I can store them for a long time that way. And a friend of mine just applies the dye powder directly to the snow rather than pre-mix the dyes... wonder which would give better results?! I use mixed dyes when I freeze the item to be dyed, but I use powder when I ice cube dye, since the ice cubes take such a long time to melt. So many choices!

  2. Great point about not adding soda ash directly to the dye! The next storm I'll try applying the dye powder directly to the snow... excellent ideas!