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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ice Dyed Fabric: Autumn Inspiration

Yesterday I pulled my dye immersed fabrics from the dye pots and today I pulled out the ice dyed fabrics. Once again I was influenced by the beautiful autumn colors from my recent trip to Vermont. The ice dyed results are always a surprise when the fabric comes out of the pot. I have no real way to determine how the colors will migrate because they are controlled by the way the ice melt flows.

Here are the results:
I see a piece of art with colorful leaves floating
all around in my future!
Brown and Red
If I were Goldilocks I would say this one was just right!

Orange, Yellow and Brown
Hard to believe there was orange used!

Orange, Yellow and Green
Again, the orange or lack-of was a surprise!

Red and Gold
For me the red was a little too bright and I'll try again with more gold

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, both the Ice Cube and the LWI from Tuesday's post! Interesting that the orange didn't show up... but each piece is a masterpiece just as is!