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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fabric Dying and Manipulation!

I had a wonderful weekend experimenting in my studio! I created 10 yards of iced dyed or confetti dyed fabrics as well as about 4 yards of manipulated fabric using the discharge method. I had a few "duds" and some "yeahs" which are both good for learning and growing. Of course we all want to be enamoured which each piece but when the fabric doesn't turn out as planned you learn something about the process that can be applied to the next project. Perhaps the "duds" are just not quite finished yet... I'll keep working on them. Maybe I'll discover a new technique by not giving up?!

Here are some fun pieces; my focus was on color combinations.
Confetti Dying: Cobalt Blue & Fuchsia

Confetti Dying: Blue (only one color used)

Confetti Dying: Blue & Yellow

Confetti Dying: Blue, Red & Yellow

Iced Dying

Iced Dying

Iced Dying



  1. Your fabrics are beautiful.What colour combinations did you use for the ice dyeing?

  2. Hi Alie,
    Thank you for the kind words! For some reason I wasn't paying attention to what colors I used for this ice dying session... I typically write it down but I must have been distracted! I hope you give ice dying a try - it's great fun!


  3. Hello! I've referenced your blog so many times in the past few days, i've lost count! I love the discharge textile above. Could you share what you used to discharge the dye, and how long you left it on? Thanks so much!

    1. How fun - thanks so much for referencing the blog and I'm delighted it's enticed you to try some techniques! Having support from each other is the best way to stretch and grow as artists!

      I can't exactly remember if I used a spray bottle filled with a mixture of 50/50 bleach/water to create the circles. Once I decided the fabric had bleached enough I immersed the fabric in a bath of "Bleach-Stop" which contains sodium thiosulfate crystals. I purchased it at Dharma Trading Co. The Bleach-Stop keeps the bleach from continuing to remove the color.

      Whenever using bleach you should really be in a well ventilated area... it's very stinky - in a bad way! I'd love to see your results... send pics :)