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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ice Cube Dying - A Desire for Burgundy!

I was trying to create a Burgundy color which would have been easier using the typical dye immersion method. However, you know I'm hooked on ice cube dying so I thought I'd give it a go. I combined green, black and red with the idea that it wouldn't exactly be a solid color. Also I wasn't exactly sure how much of the colors would even blend.

Here are the results:

The colors are hard to capture on the computer but "live" the piece is very deep with bright, contrasting rich colors. I'm learning that the more contrast in color choices the more dramatic the ice cube method results are!


  1. I love your piece!! It is spectacular.I think you are hooked on the ice cube dyeing, I know I am. I like the confetti dyeing, but wonder what would happen if you scattered crushed ice over the sprinkled dry powder instead of spraying?? Now I have to give it a try. You keep me going.

  2. Oh my.... that sounds intriging!! You MUST share the results!! There is a "play date" at my house in August with the CFAC group. I'd love for you to join us... Diane W. and Cher H. will be coming and I'm sure you could car pool!! Your energy and ideas would be a great addtion! The goal is to share tips with everyone so I feel we will all learn something new!

    1. I would love to join you. I'll get together with Diane and get the date set. Oh, what fun. Thank you for the invite.

  3. Ice cube dying is soo cool!
    It looks like an impressionist kaleidoscope

    Keep up the creating mum!


  4. Thanks Rob! Let's try it on one of your old tee shirts when you visit - that would be different!