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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Red-Read Fiber Arts Exhibit

The Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective is gearing up for the February Red-Read exhibit at the Southbury Library. Because the show takes place during the month of February the members brain stormed about what that meant leading to discussions about healthy hearts, Valentines Day, romance and the different symbolism for the color red. We also wanted to incorporate the library setting and how much they have to offer all citizens. Each artist's ideas and concepts are very different from each other... very different!

I'll walk you through my approach and thought processes. First I pulled out some fabric from long ago that was covered with bright red lips. I have no idea where I got it but it always intrigued me... but what to do with it? Lips... I kept coming back to gossiping and rumors. That lead to thinking about how rumors get started and the design turned into a "Recipe For A Rumor". I know it's silly!

A Recipe For A Rumor

1. A Pound of Truth

2. Mix in Exaggeration and Confusion

3. Double the Excitement

4. Stir Ingredients until Well Blended

5. Bring to a Rolling Boil

6. Simmer until Thickened and Reduced

7. Add a Pinch of Calm

8. Adjust Seasonings until You Find the Rumor Tasteful!

The second piece was refurbished from an art quilt I had always meant to tweak becasue it never seemed quite complete. I disassembled it, cut it up and reformatted the entire piece creating something new. I was thinking about my children during the design process and it's homage to them. The text says "There are two lasting bequests we can leave our children: one is roots and the other is wings" by Hodding Carter Jr.

Finally the members were challenged by fellow artist, Roz Spann. Roz gave each of us a bag full of red items in a bag. We had to incorporate each item into our design. It was tough - there were ribbons, beads, burlap and more. I came up with "A Is For Apple". It will be fun to see each artists 12" X 12" challenge piece side by side on the gallery wall!


  1. Carol...The February exhibit will be an exciting display of talent. Everyone who views the CFAC creations will be happily rewarded. Jean

  2. Thanks for the support! CFAC is a unique group of fiber artists and the work is always meet with surprise and delight. The level of quality and high professional standards is fantastic.