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Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Ice Cube Painting!

I had a chance to visit my son in northern Vermont this weekend... wow... did it ever rain! For my weekend walk series I wanted to recreate the feeling of being cold and wet. Thankfully the sun was shining today so I thought I would use my ice cube painting technique to capture the feeling I had up in Vermont.

I was going for a stormy feeling so I mixed up some "storm cloud" paint and
 laid out the fabrics in the beautiful sun! 


I painted the fabric a solid blue and then placed ice cubes randomly across the surface. I sprinkled salt across the fabric because it helps the paint migrate creating interesting patterns.

Once the fabric was dry I heat set the paint with a dry iron. I'm not sure the fabric will remind you of my cold and rainy weekend but it was fun to play with paints, fabric and ice cubes!


  1. Hello Carol, I would love to try this technique. I was wondering if I could ask some questions to make it clear.
    First you mix the dry dye with water (I guess 5 grams with 0.5 Liter with salt) for a dark colour. Then you paint the fabric with a brush or do you paint it in a bucket for +- 20 minutes.
    After you add the ice cubes randomly and sprankle the salt. Then you dry it with a hair dryer.
    So there is no soda in the proces? Or do you add it when you dye the fabric?
    It would be so kind to get a respons,
    Greetings from Holland.

  2. Hi Karen! For this technique I used fabric paint instead of dye. The paint was thinned with water and painted onto the fabric with a brush. The ice melted and the fabric dried in the air - it was a nice warm day. To heat set the paint I ironed the fabric with a hot dry iron. I'd love to see your experiments if you give it a try!!