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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Dying fabric in a pile of snow is a fun way to enjoy the winter! First you need to dig a hole in a snow bank about 8"-10" deep. Ball up a length of fabric and place in the bottom of the hole. I've tried both wet and dry fabric and liked the results of the dry fabric better - the colors were more vivid. Next lightly cover the fabric with snow. Mix up your dyes at room temperature and pour over the snow covered hole. Now.... walk away and let it sit for 4+ hours. When the time is up go dig out your fabric and see what surprises are in store for you! You never know exactly what you'll find... rinse dyed fabric as you normally would. I like to rinse out the bulk of the dye and toss into the washing machine on hot with some Synthrapol. You'll find the colors will be more muted than typical fabric dyed indoors but snow dying is a good way to beat the winter blues!

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