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Monday, December 24, 2018

Free Style Fabric Paint - Progress Photos!

In a quest to expand and explore my approach to art I'm using fabric paint in a more free style manner! I'm trying to be loose and not worry so much about the end result. I find I have to talk myself through not being fussy in order to stay loose. My brain automatically wants to "correct" my work. I didn't realize it would be such a challenge to be free! 
The working title for this piece is, "Lavender Farm". I had an image in my head and just went for it painting directly onto the fabric! I started to quilt the piece and will keep a circular theme going throughout the design. 

I'm happy to say the free style approach is keeping me calm and patient as I quilt. In the past I just wanted to get stuff done and hurried through the different phases for creating a piece of art. This time I take breaks, work on a section and then jump to another without feeling the need to be methodical... it's a new happy place for me! 

I'll post more progress photos and continue to explore the free style journey later! Right now there are Christmas cookies to bake!


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  1. Love it, Carol! I'm on a similar journey using hand stitching... 15 minute stitch meditations, with no outcome in mind, just to get back into hand work, but also to loosen up my mind and just enjoy the process. Have fun, and Happy Holidays to you!