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Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow + Clamps + CD's = More Cool Designs!

OK - I'm totally hooked on experimenting with snow and manipulating the fabric for unexpected results! Although using CD's as a resist when dyeing fabric is not new it was a little unusual when dyeing with snow.

The challenge with snow is to ensure enough moisture and dye reach into the center of the clamped fabric. I've resorted to stuffing it into nooks and crannies as it melts!  

 I'll keep experimenting until I get this technique down... I love how the colors migrate across the fabric but I need to get a more consistent pull throughout the piece. I believe I also need to change up the tub I'm dyeing in. Something with less depth might help with the coverage... to be continued! 
Have you tried this yet? What were your results?!

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