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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sun Printing - Yippee!

After cycling on a lovely refurbished railroad bed last weekend I had a strong urge to sunprint! The canopy of leaves was that nice dappled mixture of greens and yellows with some blue peeking through. Some day I'm going to paint my bedroom ceiling those colors - so peaceful! I created a couple of pieces using those colors but then veered off track to use other colors and  further off track to a more typical approach to painting fabric. 

I used peony leaves that were ready to cut down for the season. I tend to wait to trim plants that have gone by until I'm ready for a sunprinting session. 

For this piece I crinkled damp fabric and took my 3" brush and shook and flicked the paint around until the surface was covered. I gave it one more misting of water to ensure the paint meandered into the folds of the fabric.

I was painting in front of a group of day lily's and used all the colors within my view!

My final painted piece of the day was a more typical approach using a broad strokes application with some fabric scrunching and salt. 
I hope you get a chance to get outside for some outdoor creativity! It's inspiring to be outside experiencing the view, sights and sounds of your community! For me it's a natural scene but others might be enjoying an urban vibe. Maybe I should challenge myself (and you!) to create fabric art in settings that are outside your typical environment?! Game on?

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  1. These are great. They make me feel like I am walking under a tree canopy.