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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Quiet Piece!

I'm delighted to be working outside again! It's still a little windy but the warm weather is here to stay as we transition from spring to summer in New England.

This piece was created by misting and then scrunching cotton. I hit the tops of the fabric peaks with paint and then dropped painted randomly across the surface of the fabric. Once I pressed it I thought it need a little more color in the background so I dyed it with ivory... just enough to calm down the bright white of the original fabric.

Typically I would add another surface technique for more vivid colors but there was something appealing about this calm and quiet piece!
What are your quiet colors?


  1. Carol
    I really like that piece! It reminds me of a summer garden. My quiet colours would be earth tones - soft golds, browns and rust.

    1. Thanks! I too love earth tones... They make me feel calm!