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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sun Prints for My "Leave Only Footprints" Fabric Series!

My passion for woodlands is only surpassed by my obsession for creating art influenced by nature!

I started with a yard of PFD cotton fabric and painted greens, browns and a touch of red across the whole surface of the fabric. My all time favorite fabric paints are made by  Setacolor diluted with a little water.

I picked some large ferns and laid them on top of the wet fabric. The ferns had firm round stems so I ended up pinning them here and there to “assist” them in laying flat. I added some Kosher salt around the edges to help the paint migrate and left the piece in the sun until dry.

It’s hard to be patient and not peek at the progress but the more you leave the natural materials undisturbed the stronger the sun print will be!

If you'd like more detail about this piece please visit the "Leave Only Footprints" fabric series page located in the right hand column.