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Monday, August 8, 2011

Stamping Pine Needles and Pine Cones onto Natural Dyed Fabric

This stamping project is part of my "Weekend Walk Series" (see the above hand painted and hand dyed fabrics tab for more creations). This weekend I found myself enjoying a walk in New Hampshire with my mom. This walk has been special since I was a small child... when I daydream of New Hampshire I think of the rugged granite mountains, the pristine lakes and the beautiful pine trees. On this particular morning I collected some interesting pine cones with pretty colored lichen.

I have an ever growing collection of fabrics I've dyed using natural products vs. powdered commercially made products. I love my powdered dyes but wanted to learn how to use items from my yard and gardens. In today's series I used fabrics dyed with Dandelions, Bladderwrack (seaweed) and grape concentrate. The inks are produced by Speedball and I purchased them at 

Step one is to apply ink to one side of the pine needles:

 Step 2 is to gently press the pine needles ink side down onto the fabric. I covered the needles with a paper towel and rolled a Brayer over the top for even pressure (you can also use your fingers).

Next up I simply pulled the pine needles away from the fabric to reveal the print:

 I wanted to include the pine cones but had to work through the obvious challenges of their lumpy texture! I applied the ink directly to one half of the pine cone surface.

Next I placed my hand underneath the fabric to "cradle" the pine cone as I rolled it gently over the fabric.

I was happy with the end results! I love my "Weekend Walk Series" as it gives me an excuse to collect things when I'm out enjoying my walks... decompressing from the rigors of my work week.

For details and information on purchasing any fabrics from the "Weekend Walk Series" or other creations please visit my Hand Painted and Hand Dyed Fabrics tab at the top of this page.

1) Fabric is hand dyed with Bladderwrack (seaweed)

2) Fabric is hand dyed with Dandelion flowers and leaves

3) Fabric is hand dyed using grape concentrate

If you give stamping a try please let me know and share your results... it's so much fun!

1 comment:

  1. I tried this today and it work perfect! I stamped the pine needles onto a quilt that I am working on. I followed your instructions as above. Thank you, have always wanted to try it!