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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Exhibition Jury Day!

I am so lucky to be part of the SAQA CT organization. The Connecticut chapter is active and full of like-minded artists who support and encourage each other. The group is putting together it's second traveling Local Colors exhibition. This year the tag line is Connecticut Stories. This was completely open to the artist's interpretation and yesterday the artist's work was juried by Carol PadbergAssociate Professor at the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford (pictured above). 

Co-curators, Kate Themel and Diane Wright were on hand (and me too!) to assist the juror but once the theme overview was provided Carol needed little direction. With her trained eye and knowledge of fiber Carol pulled together a beautiful show. She stated the pieces needed to be well constructed and looked for a clear relationship between the design and overall use of textiles.  Carol said she chose both abstract designs as well as precise or structured work to create a more engaging show. She also mentioned looking at the use of color and contrast as it related to the design. Carol said the decisions were hard given there were so many fabulous pieces. With this particular theme the "story" is important to the overall exhibition but when choosing works the artist's statements were not part of the process. The exhibition was limited to 35 pieces so decisions had to be made and some great pieces were not able to be included.  

I was delighted to find 2 of my works in the accepted category... definitely more in the abstract arena! The premiere opening is February 5, 2016 at the Guilford Art Center. The exhibit will travel to varies venues throughout the state with plans for a bi-coastal exhibit with a Californian chapter but you will need to sit tight for details! The exhibition will include traditionally hung work and pieces mounted on stretcher bars - it's going to look great!
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